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Inventor, physicist and a mystery. The master of electricity is at the same time one of the most tragical and ingenious scientists in the era of mankind. To this day, we argue whether Tesla lived on the side of genius or madness.

A tower that is able to supply humanity with electricity free of charge - it is surrounded by countless myths and legends, but also bitter truths.
In four parts, the highly produced documentary series reveals facts and legends about the inventor of alternating current, Nikola Tesla.

With razor-sharp, ultra-modern 4K quality and historically accurate reenactment sequences, the four-part series offers an atmospheric insight into the life of one of the most important personalities in human history.

the documentary

5 Parts // 30min episode


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6. April 2022
We have a vision

A multi-platform streaming deal was concluded with Vision Films USA, which covers almost the entire world in addition to Germany.

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16. Februar 2022
Scientifically proven

Production team Ekrem Engizek and Timo Joh. Mayer signed the contracts for a 5-part mini series about scientists of the 19th and 20th century. The first 5 episodes are dedicated to the visionary philanthropist Nikola Tesla.…

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